Five websites I couldn’t work without

Growing a business from scratch can sometimes be though. But it’s worth it.

You learn a ton of new things every single day, and that is the beauty of this business. After you learn something new, you are in that “I got this” mood and after a few hours you see that theory and practical things are two totally different parts. So you test, fail, repeat and eventually, you learn a new skill.

That is how I mastered Photoshop and the same way I learned Google Ads and Analytics.

Some websites help me a ton when it comes to creating a website that I want to share with you. These websites I use every single day multiple times so they should have something interesting, right? Let’s start:



“Goldmine for license free photos.”

Primary use: You need a high-quality picture for free? You’ll find it here.

Why I love it: I don’t even know how much money my clients saved just from finding a great picture here and not buying them from some website that sells Stock images. This website is regularly updated with new pictures, the pictures are high quality, and their search database is great. You have a ton of other websites similar to this one but let me spare you some time…this one has everything you’ll need.


“This website is like Pexels but for icons.”

Primary use: Thousands and thousands of really awesome icons.

Why I love it: When I design a website, very often I need to use some sort of icons. This website is making my web design process easier and faster. Maybe you are not a designer, so you think that this website is not for you, but if you already have a website and you have some parts of a website filled with text, icons are an excellent way to “spice up” a page.

“Your productivity will skyrocket!”

Primary use: Stop procrastination with specially created sounds.

Why I love it: Let’s imagine this scenario: You have organized your day, you are fully committed to complete all tasks and already after 40 minutes in work you start checking your Facebook status or Email inbox.” We know that those distractions will cause bad productivity habits and will help you to stop that. The only thing you will need to have headphones because this “magic” is created with sound waves. There is a lot better explanation on their website and backed up with scientific proofs to back that up. All I know that this helps me a lot and keep in mind that I am not affiliated with them, I just like what they did.


“This is my best friend when it comes to developing a website.”

Primary use: Bringing a website to life.

Why I love it: It is extremely simple and clean. I can easily read code and make changes very fast. If you are not into programming, this is not something that you’ll never use, but I had to put it on the list because I use it so often.


“Start your day with a positive mindset.”

Primary use: Always keeps me in a positive state.

Why I love it: At least one article, you should read in the morning as soon as you wake up. Don’t let a negativity control to you. has a ton of great ideas and tips how to be a better version of yourself. You don’t have anything to lose, but over time you’ll notice that you are becoming a better and more optimistic person.

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