Emotional Intelligence. The Key To Successful Business and Happy Life

These days, emotional intelligence is more important than IQ.
Many experts now believe that the coefficient of emotional intelligence in a person can be more important than the coefficient of their intelligence and certainly a better indicator of success and quality relationships and overall happiness.

If I had to explain to someone why and how much EQ is important, I would just show them the picture that is below this text.

It is interesting to note that the concept of emotional intelligence has evolved over the years since its inception is called “social intelligence” from the 30s, then the “emotional power” in the mid 20th century to the current terminology of “emotional intelligence”.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is in layman’s terms the level of our ability to:

– understand and recognize our emotions and reactions (self-awareness)

– manage, control and adjust emotions, mood, reactions and responses (self-control)

– move the emotions that will motivate us to take appropriate actions and actions necessary to achieve our goals (motivation)

– recognize the feelings of others, understand their emotions and use this understanding to relate to others (empathy) effectively

– build relationships with others in social situations, resolve conflicts and work as a team (social skills)


Emotional intelligence is essential for building a balanced-balanced life.

If you think that emotional intelligence is important not only for those who always have to communicate with people, think again. Emotional intelligence is the gateway to a balanced life. It is essential for virtually every aspect of life.

Physical health

Ability to take care of our body and especially to manage our stress, which is closely linked to emotional intelligence. Only if we are aware of our emotional states and reactions to stress in our lives we can not hope to keep the well under control that stress and maintain good health.

Mental well-being

Emotional intelligence affects our attitude and outlook on life. It may also help to alleviate the anxiety and avoid depression and mood swings. The high level of emotional intelligence is directly related to the positive attitude and happier view of the world.


Better understanding and managing our emotions contribute to better communication and transmission of feelings in a more constructive way. Also, we are able to better understand and better treat those with whom we are in some kind of relationship. Understanding the needs, feelings, and reactions of those to whom we care leads to stronger relationships and more fulfillment.

Conflict resolution

When you can recognize people’s emotions and empathize with them, it is much easier to solve conflicts or possibly avoid them before they start. Also, we will be better in negotiations because of the nature of our abilities of to understand the needs and desires of others. It is easier to give people what they want if we know what they truly need.


High emotional intelligence helps us to increase self-confidence and improve our ability to focus on the target/goal. Also, it allows us to create a better support network, overcome setbacks and persevere. Our ability to delay satisfaction and long term we see is a direct impact on our ability to succeed. I have written an interesting blog post about Neuromarketing, which can be closely linked with Emotional Intelligence.


Ability to understand what motivates others and to build stronger relationships in the workplace inevitably leads to the fact that those with higher levels of emotional intelligence to be better leaders. A good leader can recognize the needs of his team so that these needs can be met in a way that encourages better performance and satisfaction in the workplace. A leader who has the ability of emotional understanding can build stronger teams the strategic use of an emotional diversity of its team members for the benefit of the team as a whole.

Successful Business

When it comes to business and selling your service, it is important to be emotionally intelligent. When you empathize with your clients, and you actually understand what they need you will win. I have made you a short to explain to you how Facebook and Instagram are emotionally intelligent and why they are so addicting. Also, I mentioned how you should make a shift in your perspective when you offer your services or product to others. It is a short video, but it can help you and create/inspire new ideas for your business.


As I said in the video, personally I love what I do and for a living, I help other businesses to have more clients through their website. If you don’t know when it’s time to have a professional website, click here to read more or if you want to know what is a difference between Good and Bad SEO Service, click here to read more.

Emotional intelligence is not yet fully understood, but what we know now is that emotions play a very important role in the overall quality of our personal and professional life, more important than our actual measures of IQ. While our tools and technology can help you learn and master the information, nothing can replace our ability to learn, manage and govern our emotions and the emotions of those around us.

Emotional intelligence is not something innate; there are ways to take control of your emotions.
It’s never too late to learn something new or to become better at it, so no matter how old you are, you can still spend the rest of your life living happier.

Observe your feelings

We easily lose touch with our emotions when we are too busy worrying about what to do next and what can be done better. Instead of taking care of our emotions, we choose to ignore them most of the time. What we do not realize is that the suppression of emotions only makes things worse. The more we try to put emotions aside, our emotions become harder to control.

When we have an emotional response to something, it can be due to the fact that we have some unresolved issues. So, next time you feel like you have some negative emotions, calm down and think about why you are experiencing them. Take a deep breath and write those emotions and the possible reasons why you have them.

When you write things, you can identify trigger emotions and think about ways that you can deal with each of them.

Practice responding, not reacting

The reaction is an unconscious process where we act in an unconscious way of expressing emotion or relieves. Answering the cognitive process that involves paying attention to feelings and decide how to act.

When you are aware of those emotion triggers, you can always think about how to act in advance.

For example, if you know that it is easy for you to get angry and that will influence colleagues to feel stress at work, then pay attention to this and consider what you can do next time you experience the same trigger. Maybe you can try to tell colleagues that you need a few minutes of silence because you feel upset at the time, or maybe you can take a few minutes for yourself where you can be alone to try to calm down.

Be humble

If you still believe you are better than others, you will not see your mistakes, and you will probably be emotional about things that do not meet your expectations.

Try to look at the same thing but from a different perspective. Instead of judging someone or something, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and try to think and feel like them. In this way, you realize more people’s thoughts and emotions, and you’ll probably learn something new about how to deal with things in similar situations.

Be humble enough to know that you are not better than anyone, and wise enough to know that you are different from others!

Emotional intelligence can be learned; it is a life process.

It’s never too late to learn something, you just need continuous observation and practice. No matter how old you are, you can still turn around emotional intelligence and to spend the rest of your life better and happier.

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