When It’s Time to Hire a Web Designer

As a small business owner, you definitely know how important looking great online is. But, there is probably something stopping you from achieving your dream job. If you are having second thoughts about having a website or you are not even sure that you need a website, then it’s time to talk to a professional that can objectively explain to you if and how much the website can help you. Here are a couple of things that I often see that paralyzes clients to have a website:

1. You are trying to make website yourself

As a small business owner, your time is money. Before you start to work on your branding and web design, in your head most probably everything will look easy and perfect. But then it comes the truth, it will take you time to do even the basic things by yourself and definitely the result that you had in your head is not how it looks when you start to work on your project. It will just take you precious time to learn all these things, learn from trial and error and at the end, it will not be exactly the thing you wanted.

Hiring a web designer means that you are freeing up more time to do your job, while they do theirs.

Think about if this way — would try to fix your car yourself when you have no idea what you are doing? No, you’d call a professional to fix your car. The Same thing is for your website. Designers are professionals and should be treated the same as any other profession.

2. You have only one website. Make it count.

Instead of a website, let’s assume that you are opening a new store or shop. Since you’re just opening, you’ll be tight on a budget, but still, you’ll need to pay for renting the space, flooring, shelves a POS systems and probably a ton of minor fixtures. Let’s calculate that for one year and it would cost you probably over $80,000 just to cover physical presence. Maybe even more.

After you set up your store, you need to compete with your local competitors and if you’re new probably it will be harder for you to gain more customers next to a well-developed business.

But, if you’re building a website, visitors and potential customers will view you differently. They can only compare your website to competitors and if you have everything developed professionally plus you give them some special/promo you’ll be more likely to have more customers.

This way you’ll have a better chance to have more clients and to beat the competition.

While the cost of a good web design varies, a beautifully designed, fully capable website should cost between $4,000 and $10,000 at most. Now compare that with the $80,000 you’d spend for your store — and you’d still lose that battle in every way.

Oh, and the website will work for you 24/7-365.

3. You need an outside perspective

As a designer, my job is so much more than making color patterns, designing pages and optimizing the website. I must take your business problems personally, your customers’ perceptions/personality, and make a website which speaks their language with the end goal to solve their problem and grow your business. Sometimes there is a possibility that we may test new things and see what works and what is not working. This is called A/B testing. But if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Also, you can click on the link and read about the websites that I have found to be perfect for web design and helps me and speeds up the whole process.

4. Adapting to the new mobile era

About 70% searches are done via mobile phone. That means your website needs to be optimized for mobile-first point of view. I know that now a lot of bloggers, marketers, and designers are talking over and over about this, but this is truly a trend that will not go down. Your website needs to have extremely easy navigation and that is because if the visitors doesn’t find what they want or need, they will leave your website and most probably never come back.

A couple months ago I have finished one eCommerce website and the one and only focus was to create a website for a mobile-first experience. Click here and check out the whole web design process that I did.

Adapting website for mobile phones, different screen sizes, and different browsers can be sometimes tricky, so it is highly recommended to hire a professional to do that.



I hope that this text helped you even a bit and possibly changed your perspective on how you should look at the website and how much a professionally designed website can actually benefit you.



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