Why Your Website Can Make Or Break Your Business

People are visual creatures. We only love the beautiful stuff, and we tend to associate attractive things with other positive attributes. Let say for example you go to a restaurant, if on the menu you see a beautiful looking meal, you’ll automatically think that it taste great.

Same is true of a coffee shop if it has a nice shop front, you’ll believe that they serve good coffee.

You get my point.

On the web, this is even more relevant. You know that your website is competing with funny videos on YouTube, Facebook news feed, Emails and even other competitors in your industry that can offer exactly what you are offering. And they are just one second away from making a decision should they stay or leave your website. That’s why having a top notch navigation, layout, and design matters.

Your website is representing your whole business, and most likely visitors will first see your website before they know anything about you, your services, etc. If your website is not clean and professional, then the visitors will think the same way about your business. First impression matters…A LOT.

Your website should:

 1. Look Pixel Perfect

The design aspect of your website is probably the most important aspect. It is important to have all functionalities, but if it looks bad and it is not easy to navigate, visitors will just leave the website. People are not patient and they want the info as fast as possible. So, the first step is to create a “wow” effect when visitors lands on your website and after that to have a great and simple layout. Also, make sure to check out if the freelancer or agency that you want to work with “walks the walk” ie. is their website great looking and if their portfolio is filled out with great and attractive websites. To read more on when it’s time to hire a freelancer, click here.

 2. Focus on things that matter

You probably heard of a technique called KISS (keep it stupid simple). If your website has a ton of choices, people will become confused and leave. Here is a very cute video of the baby that explains exactly how everyone are thinking if they have too many choices:

I especially love the part at the end, when baby finally decides just sit down :). This is what the visitors will do, but they will not sit down, they’ll leave the website and try to find the solution or answer to their problem somewhere else.

 3. Your Website Must Look Great On All Screens

Above 70% of searches on Google are done through mobile phone. This number will not go down. Just check people around you. They don’t say “Oh, I’ll check out this website when I come home, the website looks weird on phone.” , no, probably they will not say anything and forget about your website right away. This is simply the truth.

 4. Think About What The Visitor Needs

It’s all about them. Maybe you have one perspective what they want and they have totally different expectations. You can always start with general stuff that every human being wants and that is the speed of the website, ease of use, great design, avoid long text paragraphs/blocks and after that, we need to dig deeper and know them a bit more. Your website needs to “speak their language”, they need to feel some emotional bond with your website or content. When you have that, congratulations, you have something serious.

 5. Use Images and Videos

Having images and videos on your website is very important. Ok, I can not generalize that every website needs to have them, but for 95% of website, it is important to visually add or amplify some things on your website. As I said at the beginning of this blog post, people are visual creatures and they have a better understanding of something if it’s explained with images. Videos can sometimes be like “images on steroids”. Videos (if done right) can drive you through an emotional roller coaster. Something that is becoming to be even more popular when it comes to videos and that is creating non-edited/fully transparent videos of yourself or your company. When people see how you actually are, they will trust you more, and when they trust you they are more likely to buy from you.

 6. You Must Blog

Most people hate blogging, and that is usually because they don’t know what to write about. The solution is simple, write about something that your visitors want, but also that you like. Maybe it will take you some time to analyze what is that, but keep in mind that with blogging you are actually building a credibility. Not only it is useful for visitors because they can learn something new, but it is also important for SEO. I had a client with this kind of issue, but I managed to optimize her website, she started blogging regularly, and in a matter of 5 months, we’ve seen some drastic change in her Google rankings. Click here to see the case study I did for her SEO project.


I hope you did not only learn something new today but you’ll also improve some things on your website.



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