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More examples how you can use this tool


Increase conversion rates

Boost your conversion rates effortlessly! Simply share a screenshot of your page and tell tool what you’re aiming to enhance. Toolkit will take it from there.

Prompt used in this example:
Take a look at screenshot provided and give me suggestions to increase conversion rates on product page. My current conversion rates are (YOUR CONVERSION RATE) and most of my traffic come from (YOUR TRAFFIC SOURCE).

Reduce your CAC

Reduce your CAC like a pro. Toolkit analyzes your current marketing strategies and provides tailored suggestions to attract customers more cost-effectively.

Prompt used in this example:
My current marketing strategies are: (EXPLAIN YOUR CURRENT MARKETING STRATEGY), review my current marketing strategies and provide recommendations to lower my Customer Acquisition Cost.

Increase your CLV and AOV

Maximize your CLV and AOV with strategic insights. Toolkit helps you understand customer behavior, enabling you to increase customer lifetime value and average order value.

Prompt used in this example:
My business is in (NICHE). My CLV is (NUMBER) and AOV is (NUMBER). In the past I have tried (LIST STRATEGIES), but I want better results. Give me strategies to increase my CLV and AOV numbers.

Strategies to boost organic traffic

Drive more organic traffic to your site. Get expert advice on SEO and content strategies directly from the tool, tailored to your specific needs.

Prompt used in this example:
My monthly website visits are (NUMBER), give me content strategies to increase organic traffic to my website.

Intelligent tool suggestions

Not sure which tool to use to grow your business? Toolkit recommends the most suitable tools for your specific challenges, ensuring you always have the best resources at hand.

Prompt used in this example:
Based on the challenges I’m facing with: (DESCRIBE CHALLENGES), what tools would you recommend for me to use?

Easy 1-2-3 process

1. Access

Get an access to Clarity Toolkit. After that you’ll be all set!

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2. Pin to sidebar

Once you’ve got access to the tool, you’ll find a nifty option in ChatGPT to pin it right to your sidebar. Easy access, right where you need it.

3. Use it to the max

Feel free to max out this tool! It’s here to skyrocket your business growth, so go ahead and stretch its limits as much as you need.

Frequently asked questions

The toolkit is constantly updated to reflect the latest in marketing strategies and business growth trends. This ensures you’re always getting relevant and effective advice.

It’s pretty versatile and has been effective for a range of businesses. But, if you’re not sure, you can always ask specific questions about your business type to see how the toolkit can be tailored for you.

What you see is what you get. The toolkit is free and the is no hidden fees or surprises.

Absolutely! The thing is, I’m not part of the Open AI or ChatGPT crew. However, you’ve got it right about their setup. To really tap into this tool, you’re looking at needing ChatGPT Plus. That’s how it works on their end.

For sure! It’s designed to complement and enhance your current strategies, not replace them. Think of it as an extra boost to what you’re already doing.


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