The most important things are not things, so I design experiences.

My Story

My name is Marko Matijasevic, and I am 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Serbian. I’m creative, hard-working and I put a lot of care, effort & passion into my work.

I put ‘Make it really good’ ahead of ‘Do it quick’.

I am multidisciplinary web designer/developer and SEO expert, turned freelance six years ago and since then never looked back. From my studio in Serbia, I work with individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and start-ups. I aim to have a relationship with you where I can be a huge asset to your business by being dependable, honest and by doing the type of work which makes a difference. I will always recommend a solution I think will work best for the business.

I have extensive knowledge in:

Design & Craft

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects


HTML 5 / CSS 3
WordPress Development


Data Research
User Analysis
Google Webmasters
Google Analytics

Certified, Awarded and Seen On:

My job is to bring you more jobs and do that seamlessly & professionally

At the beginning of my freelance career, I was focused only on creating beautiful websites, but I noticed that the main thing is to understand the people who are coming to a website. That’s the reason why I studied UX (User experience), Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Heatmaps tracking and WordPress development.

That hunger for knowledge has created one strong synergy that puts me in a position to create websites that can outshine the competition.

Web design/development

By practicing a seamless weave of technology, design, and strategy, I build websites that are simple & human and yet personal & effective.

*Discuss your requirements We’ll chat about your goals and what your website needs to do.

*Cost estimate Once I have an overview of what you’d like to achieve I can provide you with an estimate.

*Let’s go for it! – I’ll produce a project overview document which will list all agreed deliverables and costs. Once this is agreed I’ll take an initial payment of 30%. The project will then be scheduled in.

*Research & Discovery – I’ll immerse myself in your business, and ask plenty of questions. We’ll create an inspiration board together so I’m equipped with the knowledge I need to create the right website for your business.

*Design – I’ll create visuals for key pages and make a demo version of a website. But, we’ll collaborate throughout this whole process.

*Development – I’ll build the website from scratch and we’ll review how it looks and works. I’ll continue to build core elements while making sure the site is optimized and performs well.

*Testing and Deployment – I will do cross-browser and device testing, before deploying onto your hosting solution.

*Training – We’ll run through how to use your Content Management System so you can edit and add pages, posts or some elements to your website.

*To be continued – I hope we’ll keep in touch to review how the site is performing and continue to grow the site together.

There is no one price fits all for a website, it depends largely on what’s required; however, I do feel it’s important to be open and provide a guideline cost so you know what level of investment I’d be expecting you to make. Bespoke design and builds typically range from $4,000 – $8,000 depending on your requirements.

I will host your website on my dedicated servers, and you can have a peace of mind.
I provide 1 month of free support/hosting for all new website projects.
It is necessary to carry out updates from time to time to ensure optimum security. It is also needed to keep backups of the site, monitor the user base and monitor the health to ensure there is no malware present.

After 1 month, I highly recommend to my clients to continue with maintenance service, but since it is entirely optional, if you don’t want a support, you will need to transfer your website to your hosting. I am doing this because I want all websites that I host to be malware free and always up-to-date.

Standard Maintenance Service Includes:

-Updates to WordPress, theme, and plugins
-Verify site after updates
-Malware scans
-Broken link checks
-Removal of spam comments and excess post revisions
-Full site backups (both database and files)
-Restore your site from backup in an emergency
-Help and support with using your WordPress site
Price: $67/month

Extras (optional):

-All of the items included in standard maintenance service
-SEO Ranking Report (Keep track of how your keyword ranking changes, find out who your competitors are, and how you stack up against them.)
-Performance Check (Benchmark website’s performance regularly and react if something goes wrong.)
Price: $93/month

*There is 15% discount if paid annually instead of a month per month basis.

How many pages can contain my website?
The website could contain as many pages as you think it is necessary. I am here to advise you on the number of pages, or your decision in the first place. The number is not strict and may be one, 10, 20 or more as necessary.

Can you help me update my existing website?
Depends. If the website is outdated I will always recommend doing a full redesign. Still, it is good if you already have a website because I can see what exactly your visitors like and make the website even better.

Do I need to organize my own domain name and hosting?
No, I can provide you hosting on mine Houston, Texas-based servers. I can also take care of registering your domain name too.

Will I have a business email after I have a website?
Of course, once the website is finished, I will create you a business email and show you how to sync it with you Gmail account, so that you have everything in one place. Keep in mind that you will have 1 business email for free, each additional email is $40/month.

I don’t have a lot of high-quality images so what should I do?
I will try to find license free images so that you don’t need to pay anything extra. But there are a number of websites that offer affordable stock images for use in website design projects.

How does the payment process work and do I own the website?
It starts with 30% as deposit, then 30% upon your approval of design layout and 40% when everything is completed and you are 100% satisfied. Yes, own all your files.

See my Web Design Projects

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With proper SEO you can certainly see an increase in organic traffic to your website and ultimately have more sales/leads. Results can visible results already after 3-6 months.

*SEO Consultation – First I need to do an analysis of errors and shortcomings overview of your site (technical SEO) and your content.

*Keyword Analysis – At this stage, I define how potential clients/visitors depending on the device, location, and behavior of your service experience your website. It ends with the creation of keywords, ie. long-tail phrases and content optimized for them with which it is worth the long-term fight for the top spots on search engines.

*Analysis of links your competitors – I will explain to you why some websites are ahead of yours in some keywords. After that, I will provide you the exact strategy on what we need to do in order to be ranked higher than them.

SEO Consultation, Keyword Analysis and Analysis of competitors are considered as free consultation

*On page optimization and creative SEO – This term means the creation of content and organization of pages simultaneously ensure maximum user experience and ranking. I use the latest tools for metrics to have an ideal density of keywords and design. Proper OnPage SEO is a very important part, it affects more than 100 signals to search engines.

*Link building – A very complex area that particularly characterizes each SEO expert. I can provide high quality and a safe increase in links to your website. In a few words, linkbuilding can be formulated as “without the relevant links your website will not be positioned high on Google!”.

Keep in mind that SEO Consultation, Keyword Analysis and Analysis of competitors are considered as a free consultation.

SEO Standard:
– Intended for small and medium-sized enterprises
– Consultation on the subject for on page optimization
– Development of a strategy to create content and delivery of one high-quality blog post (min. of 2500 words) per month for the desired keyword
– Induction of links to the original, high-quality and relevant articles on blogs or portals.
– Optimizing up to 15 pages for full OnPage SEO
– SEO Reports once per month
Price: $850/month – recommended minimum duration of 3-6 months to see proper results.

SEO Extreme:
– Intended for medium-sized enterprises with highly competitive keywords
– Consultation on the subject for on page optimization
– Development of a strategy to create content and delivery of two high-quality blog post (min. of 3000 words) per month for the desired keyword
– 2x times more backlinks (compared to SEO Standard) to the original, high-quality and relevant articles on blogs or portals.
– Optimizing up to 35 pages for full OnPage SEO
– SEO Reports twice per month
Price: $1750/month – recommended minimum duration of 3-6 months to see proper results.

My goal is not just to put your website among the top 10 for a particular keyword, rather than to stay there. This requires continuous monitoring optimization, tracking the popularity of certain keywords, monitoring traffic statistics, most visited pages, etc.

If you decide not to maintain optimization, there is a danger to slip from the top, and then again it may take a few months time to put it on a first place. (This delay is due to the way search engines work, which periodically visits your site and gathers information from him).

Price: $150/month

As you can see the price of monitoring a lot lower than initial SEO price and it is not mandatory to have it.

Why is competition ahead of me for a specific keyword?
Sometimes the answer takes an in-depth analysis. There are 200 factors for ranking, so it is highly individual.

Do we have to make contact?
No, because people don’t like to be tied to a contract and I understand that.

Do you sell links?
I do not sell links, and I act in accordance with the Webmasters guidelines set by the Google corporation on how to reach them (earning link).

Are you associated with Google?
None of the SEO companies/individuals are directly affiliated with Google. But I am certified for Google Analytics, and I have over five years of experience in ranking websites.

Can you guarantee me that I’ll be on the first page on Google?
No. There’s not even one SEO company/individual that can guarantee 100% success in the process of ranking a website.
There are at least two reasons for that:
– You never know when and how much will Google change with every new update. Lately, Google analyzes between 200 and 300 ranking signals whose values are often adjusted on a daily basis.
– You never know how much will competition invest in online (SEO) and offline marketing.
Although I can not 100% guarantee that you will be first, I can be very transparent and show you how much of your budget is spent in each stage of the SEO project. The result of this work is that I have zero dissatisfied customer.

See my SEO Projects and Results


I have worked with Photographers, Marketers, Real Estate agents, Public Speakers, Bloggers, eCommerce Shops, Small and Mid-sized Businesses. Below are just a few of them. Make sure to check my portfolio if you haven’t already and if you have any questions feel free to send me a message.

“Marko was incredibly quick to respond, implement, and edit every aspect of the project. We truly felt like he was always just a click away. He is an excellent communicator, has a detailed understanding of his field, and was super kind and fun to work with. Highly recommend! If you want it done professionally, quickly, and pleasantly – Marko is your guy.“

“Loved working with Marko. He went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. Always had a great can-do attitude. Speaks perfect English and was easy to communicate with. Reached all deadlines. Will work with him again.“

“Excellent freelancer. Followed direction and provided helpful suggestions. Great communication and work ethic. Will hire again.“

“Marko did an incredible job, he is fantastic, he was keen and very very professional to recommend us throughout the overall process, suggesting with tons of feedback..highly recommended. Best freelancer found so far. Best in class!“

“This was a fabulous experience! We had never done a project like this before and had no idea how to find the right person. We looked at a number of freelancers responses and interviewed some of them before deciding on Marko. He totally understood what we wanted to do, made great suggestions that assisted us in our decision making and he was there for every question we had. Our website is beautiful and functional. We could not have had a better experience.“