The only audit that’s actually 0% risk.

I’ll find at least one not-so-obvious strategy to grow your business or you get a refund.

Amour & Bijoux, Goodfair, Wind Rider, Office Stock and other 6 & 7 figure businesses got their audit.

Don’t worry, every audit is 100% private.

Growth audit is 15-minute personalized video that highlights your single biggest strength and unique strategy to grow your business faster. Delivered under 48 hours.

If I fail to achieve that, you get your money back.

I’ll review your website, your offers, traffic sources, content, and everything in between to find your unique growth opportunities.

I won’t focus on the surface-level mistakes, and I won’t sugar-coat things. You’ll get an audit of the actual issues that are likely holding you back from growing your business.

Click here to get your audit or keep reading to understand why this matters.

Hear what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

When you get feedback from people who know you well, they will give you the “light” version.

When you ask pros to evaluate something specific within your business, you might be missing the bigger problem.

I’m Marko, the creator of the Clarity Blueprint and the person who will do an audit for you.

As growth strategist I’ve helped 6 and 7 figure online businesses increase sales and spend less on marketing.

I became a Top Rated growth strategist on UpWork (a freelance platform) and I’ve noticed that getting honest professional feedback is rare.

I won’t roast you or try to bring you down, but I’m going to be really straightforward in my evaluation.

The process to get your audit is simple:

  1. Apply for your audit
  2. Complete short questionnaire to help me understand your business.
  3. Within 48 hours you’ll receive your audit.
You will be redirected to Gumroad where you can pay with:
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After payment, you will complete a questionnaire, and within 48 hours you’ll get your audit.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should not trust ME. You should trust the results. I can talk all I want, but results are going to pay your bills and grow your business, not my words. That’s why my promise is that I will:

  1. Point out not-so-obvious opportunities to grow your business.
  2. Highlight what I consider to be your single biggest STRENGTH.
  3. Send you an audit within 48 hours.

If I fail to achieve all three, you get your money back.  You’ll just need to act upon having your audit insights and see results. It is 0% risk and 100% gain.

15 minutes is all you need to get the most important insights and actionable changes. You can have a very detailed audit that takes multiple days to create, and be overwhelmed with what to focus on. The point is to have clear, concise, and actionable insights so you can make changes asap.

If you actually have a problem with conversions, I’ll most definitely find that out when I check your website, and I’ll point out what to do to increase conversion rates.

Yes! You’ll receive a private link to view your audit. It won’t be shared elsewhere.

It sure is. Most of my clients have 6 and 7 figure online businesses, but that does not mean I can not do an audit for businesses that earn under six figures.

This is not a generic website review or landing page audit. I’ll take a look at your entire business (website, offers, SEO, social media) and find out what unique opportunity you can use to grow your business faster.


It’s time rip the band aid off and uncover opportunities to grow your business.

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