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Let’s talk like normal people. No sales. No pitching.

I’d like to understand you, your business and see if I can help your business to increase revenue and organic traffic.

Just complete the form below and we’ll talk soon.

WARNING: Before you claim your free consultation, you must understand that this is only for people serious about setting up their business for long-term success. I’ll do the brunt of the work, but to truly get your business growing, I need your commitment and dedication.

What will happen after I book a call?

You will receive a confirmation email with all the info about our call and a Zoom join link (we’ll have a call over Zoom).

Will you try to sell me something on this call?

No. The purpose of the call is to understand your business and see if my expertise can help you out.

Can I have someone else on the call?

It is essential to talk to you as the founder, but if you have co-founders or a marketing department, they’ll be more then welcome to join the call.

Do I need to prepare something before the call?

If you have Google Analytics data from your website, that would be awesome! Besides that, just a good internet connection and a quiet place so we can hear each other well.

Who will speak to me?

You will speak directly to Marko.

What will happen after the call?

If we are a perfect fit, then we’ll start working on your Clarity Blueprint, so you can finally attract more customers and grow your business without guessing, spending money on ads or working with marketing agencies.