Get clarity on where to focus to grow your business.

Gorilla Bow, Goodfair, Coach Training EDU, IMAA Institute and other 6 & 7 figure businesses have worked with Marko.
The problem

Confusion & distractions.

Your attention is pulled in many directions at once. That’s a huge problem.

You want to grow your business, but it is getting harder to stand out.

You tried ChatGPT, Claude, watched a ton of YouTube videos, but you are getting more confused and less productive.

Ads are getting more expensive, website tweaks didn’t boost sales much, content gets little engagement, and you’re tired of hyped-up “next big thing” promises.

I get it. That’s why I’ve created Clarity Accelerator.

The Solution

Complete Clarity


Understand what your market actually wants

If you don’t deeply understand what problems your ideal customers are trying to solve and what outcomes they crave, you’ll keep throwing spaghetti at the wall with misaligned offerings and messaging. Getting this foundational market insight right is critical to delivering what they actually want to pay for.


Uncover how you can stand out in your market

If you can’t articulate a clear, distinct positioning that separates YOU from competitors, you’ll always struggle for attention and loyalty. Uncovering your true unique strengths and owning a defensible position in your market is vital for growth.


Define your marketing strategy with your new positioning

Aligning all your marketing around your new positioning is will drive resonance and impact with your ideal customers.


No BS & no upsells

Why $1,000?
How much is costing you to do wrong things or to stay in “overwhelm” loop? I pour all my experience to bring you to complete clarity so you can grow your business.
Why 20-minute call?
If I cannot help you then I don’t want to start the project. So, that’s why I need to have a call with you before we start.

To book a free consultation just follow these three steps.

  1. Apply. Apply for your free consultation below.
  2. Confirmation. After booking a call, I’ll send you confirmation email about our call.
  3. Done. We’ll hop on the call.


eCommerce business
Topper had 1% conversion rates. After Clarity Blueprint he has 2.5% conversion rates and makes over 7 figures.
Here’s short interview
Aurelien Success Solo
Coaching & consulting business
Aurelien started working with Marko on Clarity Blueprint when he was making €120k/month and now he makes €260k/month.
Here’s short interview
Brian Success Solo
Membership business
Bryan started working with Marko on Clarity Blueprint when he was making $8k/month and now he makes $115k/month.
Here’s short interview

Need more proof? Check out Marko’s UpWork profile.

Frequently asked questions

This is not a generic website review or landing page audit. I’ll take a look at your entire business (website, offers, SEO, social media) and find out what unique opportunity you can use to grow your business faster.

As personalized as your own fingerprint. Your business isn’t off-the-rack, so neither should be your growth strategy.

The audit digs into your business, considering all that makes it unique—market position, competition, website, current customer acquisition strategy—and I’ll craft recommendations just for you.

You should not trust ME. You should trust the results. I can talk all I want, but results are going to pay your bills and grow your business, not my words.

That’s why my promise is that I will point out not-so-obvious opportunities to grow your business. You’ll just need to act upon having your audit insights and see results.

I don’t know how much you value your time, but let’s put it into perspective. If you’ve been grappling with growth and trying to figure out strategies that actually move the needle, consider how much time that’s already cost you.

My service isn’t just about the audit; it’s about condensing years of trial, error, and success into actionable insights. For $600, you’re getting a personalized roadmap and my seven years of expertise wrapped into a strategy that you can execute immediately.

If those strategies open up even one revenue stream or optimize an existing one to work double time for you, wouldn’t that be worth it?

That’s where the fun begins! The more unique your business, the more exciting the challenge. No business is too unconventional; in fact, niche models often have the most untapped potential.

15 minutes is all you need to get the most important insights and actionable changes. You can have a very detailed audit that takes multiple days to create, and be overwhelmed with what to focus on.

The point is to have clear, concise, and actionable insights so you can make changes asap.

While I may not have a worked for every single industry under the sun, I’ve dipped toes in a diverse range of markets. And, my principles of growth are universally applicable.

Think of it like a tandem bike ride.

I’ll do the heavy pedaling and steering, but I need you to pedal too—by providing information about your business (after you make a payment, you’ll be redirected to form to fill out).

The more you put in, the smoother and more tailored the ride.

If you actually have a problem with conversions, I’ll most definitely find that out when I check your website, and I’ll point out what to do to increase conversion rates.

Yes! You’ll receive a private link to view your audit. It won’t be shared elsewhere.

You’re not left to fend for yourself. I offer support options to guide you through the implementation phase.

That’s a high-quality problem, isn’t it? If you’re outgrowing our initial strategies, it means they’re working. When that happens, I’m here to help you navigate this new level of success and adjust your strategies accordingly.

It sure is. Most of my clients have 6 and 7 figure online businesses, but that does not mean I can not do an audit for businesses that earn under six figures.


It’s time rip the band aid off and stop running in circles.

🟢 Currently open for January audits.