Growth strategies.
In one playbook.

Strategies, personal insights, and frameworks created while directly helping business owners grow their businesses.


Instant Access

  • Solution for self sabotage
  • Behaviors to boost productivity
  • Personal list of productivity supplements
  • Fundamentals for business growth
  • How to “cut through the noise” and attract customers
  • List of essential elements to have on the website
  • Strategy to maximize profit and increase value of each customer
  • …and 10+ other growth strategies

Additionally, Pro version of playbook comes with:

Find your productive hours

Calculator to find your most productive and creative hours.

Productivity supplements

List of 20+ supplements, personal rating and experience with each of them.

Professional video setup

List of the entire setup, how to connect it and what software to use to record videos with one click.

Summarized growth insights

Only the best insights will be available to Pro users.

Who should have this playbook?

The playbook is for anyone who wants to get more customers, grow their business, and become a better version of themselves through tools and frameworks. This includes solopreneurs, small business owners, junior marketers, startup employees, and even senior marketers who have different areas of expertise and want a refresher on the latest growth insights.

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Instant access and lifetime updates.

What happens after I pay for the playbook?

You’ll be instantly redirected to Pro version of playbook and you will receive an email with the link to the Playbook. All resources and upcoming updates will be sent to your email.
It is one-time fee, no hidden upsells, no gimmicks.

Why such a low price?

The playbook cost right now only $47, because you don’t know me and I need to gain your trust. To be clear, I will gradually raise the price based on the number of sales (demand).

What does “Payment via Gumroad” mean?

I use Gumroad as payment system because for you as a customer, it is safe, fast, accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. This way I can instantly give you what I promise in most secure and efficient way possible.

How can I know what you will be adding in the future?

Once you become a Pro member, I will keep you updated via email what are future updates.

Still not sure if the playbook is for you? Let’s talk like normal people and tell me your concerns. Drop me an email at [email protected] or use live chat in the bottom right corner of your screen.