Blue Tea

Client: Blue Tea
Services: Website Design, UX, Graphic Design
Type of Website: Kitchen Design & Renovation


The client had a website that was working and looking above average standards compared to other websites and their competitors, but they wanted something outstanding yet extremely clean.


The Site and User Experience

The target audience was people who are looking to renovate their kitchen. Since client’s main selling point are pictures, I had to come up with the best idea possible to create very intuitive and attractive look and feel of the website that will lead people to see more pictures of past projects and that would lead to more contact/submitions. The website is fully mobile responsive, and it loads under 2.6 sec. Overall the website has an excellent user experience (100/100 rating) and very high visitor retention.


Other Features

Simplicity with all functions. That should be a slogan of this project. I managed to create custom forms and clean/fast payment process.

Submission Form

I have created a custom form for Resume submission. Recruiting a new person in team can be a daunting process, so I have created a form for them to have an easier experience to hire new kitchen designers.

Clean Payment Process

The client has a service to do a kitchen design consultation which is a fixed price. So, I have made that process very easy for visitors and removed all necessary fields so that payment process is quick and easy.

“Marko was extremely helpful and patient with our project. If we wanted to change course or try something new, Marko was also up for the challenge. I’d say we were quite specific customers and he always did his best to answer all our questions, even if it meant finishing conversations at midnight! Our site looks amazing and can’t wait to see some positive results. Thanks again Marko!”

Client: Blue Tea
Services: Website Design, UX, Graphic Design
Type of Website: Kitchen Design & Renovation